A Word from our President and Founder


It is extremely difficult for a person coming from a disadvantaged background to achieve personal and professional success, having neither the proper resources nor the knowledge to attain their objectives. Their only recourse is through education, thus hoping to climb the socioeconomic ladder, finally breaking the generational family cycle of poverty. Myself, originating from an underprivileged background, I decided to educate myself to try to break our own cycle of poverty.

Unfortunately, the consequences of poverty for children are often marginalization, social exclusion and lack of participation in community and school life. Poverty and elevated high school dropout rates go hand in hand.

Educational success influences students ’perceptions in their own abilities to succeed. Those who do succeed will feel empowered and led to believe that they do have the ability to change their destiny in order for them to achieve their dreams. While for others, the discouragement and loss of self-esteem can become a major obstacle to success.

Without intervention, the cycle of poverty will be repeated from generation to generation. Generation Education’s goal is to intervene and create a community of support, enthusiasm, hope and motivation. Generation Education believes that every young person has the right to develop to their fullest potential in order for them to achieve success and happiness.